Friday, August 23, 2013

My Mom Is Now Unemployed

Wild times at the retirement after party!

Last night was an interesting one for my family. It was my mom’s unemployment, I mean retirement, party. It was a great night to finally see my mom as the center of attention. My family knows how amazing she is and it is nice to know that other people outside of the family see that too.

The last few years I have really come to appreciate what my mom has done during her working life. It is not easy to stay in the same industry doing the same kind of work day after day. And to have only worked for two companies in over 45 years is nearly impossible.

I have always been, and unfortunately I never say it enough, proud of my parents and appreciative of all they have given us and how hard they have worked to do so. While my dad will probably never fully retire, it is nice to see my mom able to finally take a break and change gears. Maybe some relaxation is on the horizon.

So now my mom gets to venture into uncharted territory… unemployment. Albeit the best kind, it is still a drastic change from the daily grind. With the next six months planned out it should be interesting to see the transition from a long standing routine to the new, freer, schedule.

I hope this means more time doing what she wants to do rather than what she has to do. All I want is the best for my family especially my mom. After all, you had to work AND raise us so I know you definitely earned your retirement!

Mom, I wish you all the best in your retirement and I hope you take the time to do anything and everything you have been meaning to do and never did. All I asked is that you do one thing… drag dad’s butt to New Hope! Love, Sean