Thursday, August 1, 2013

Penny For Your Thoughts

It was classification talk time this week at the Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd – Narberth as we learned a little bit more about our newest member, and our new Vice President, Penny Hughes. Penny is thriving in her second career as a banker at Bryn Mawr Trust and after opening a new branch in Bala Cynywd she made her way to our club earlier this year. Transitioning from hair stylist to banker is not a scenario that you hear often but, having known Penny for some time now, it makes perfect sense.

Bryn Mawr Trust is a bank that I know well as I grew up in Bryn Mawr just down the street from the bank’s original location (still  there today). My family has been at that bank for decades and I plan on transitioning my accounts over there at some point in the near future. I consider the current location of my accounts as the consequence of youthful naivety.

Penny, who serves as Branch Manager and Vice President at the Bank, is the embodiment of why I plan on moving my finances to that institution. It is the personal attention, intelligence, and a common sense approach that is unparalleled in a national institution setting. Anything and everything can be handled through the various departments at the bank in the same manner whether it is a simple banking need, loans/mortgages, investments, insurance, and various other needs.

Penny’s journey at Bryn Mawr Trust is one that is fueled by her intelligence, people person personality, hard work, and inspired by her philosophy on life passed down from her Grandmother. Working her way up from a part time teller to a VP and Branch Manager, Penny is the embodiment of the American Dream and she is proof that even if you do something for 20+ years doesn’t mean you can’t change and be successful in a completely different line of work. And now, of course, that transition has brought her to Rotary.

Penny’s exemplary attributes are why we have decided to appoint her as our club’s Vice President. I look forward to working with her in the years ahead as I know she will bring the same fervor and love of people and service to Rotary as she does to her job. As a small club we have to watch every penny and now we can watch what great things can be accomplished by one Penny in particular.