Friday, August 9, 2013

Time For Some Change!

Have you ever given some thought to the change we deal with every day? Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation with a lot of change and sometimes with very little if any change. You can even come across some people who refuse change (this happened to me at the State Archives this past weekend in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). But, you can’t deny the fact that no matter who you are, what you do, or where you live you are going to come across some kind of change.

While it bothers some people change is a good thing. It can be cumbersome at times but that has never really bothered me. Of course I try to minimize change and I have eliminated it, for the most part, from my daily life. But, when I do come across change I do my best to appreciate it. Have you ever taken the time to look at change closely? Have you ever thought about the history of change? Have you ever considered what change means to others and those who live in other countries?

Occasionally, I find myself admiring change looking closely at the design and details. But what really gets me thinking is the history of the change in front of me. Sometimes the thoughts are of a grand nature as the history of change in this country while on other days it can be the story behind the change that is staring back at me at that very moment.

Remember, all change has a story and the more you know about it the better understanding you will have of this country and of any country for that matter. It can illuminate the stark contrasts that exist between people especially the value they place on change. Also take a look at how people embrace change and the influence it can have especially when we all work together. Change can tell you a lot about a person and people in general.

Of course, there is a subjective aspect to change. Where one person sees immaculate design someone else will see something that is over complicated and heavily laden with details. This is just one of the debated aspects of change that seems to have picked up steam especially in the United States as the government seems to be making changes every few months.

In the end, the purpose of this post is to get people to take a closer look at change before embracing it or discarding it. Change is sometimes fleeting and we all need to take a minute or two and appreciate it. So the next time you break a dollar don’t just stuff the change in your pocket or purse, take a minute to think about the value of change, the design, how it has shaped our country, and who we have decided to honor. If you use plastic for all your transactions then take a look at my change and let me know what you think?