Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TMI Tuesday: I Want My Playroom Back!

When we first started this round of renovations we tried to hold off on disturbing our son’s playroom for as long as possible. As work progressed that was no longer a possibility and our son was not happy about it. Obviously, as the doors were being worked on, even the door in the playroom, we were able to keep things relatively normal but as the flooring got underway the toy boxes began to vanish and the bookshelves disappeared.

It was tough for a few days as our regular routine was completely out the window as the carpet came up and the subfloor shown throughout the first floor. Thankfully we do have a playroom upstairs but it simply isn’t the same and our son let us know about it. While he was at “camp” during the day, when my wife brought him home he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the chaos that permeated the house. And with everything in disarray we had to further throw him off by making sure that he had his shoes on and carrying him from one spot to the next more than we usually do.

Even meal times we a bit of a challenge as he would stop every once in a while, point to the floor, and let us know that something just wasn’t right. Toward the end, the babbles were more along the lines of “when the heck is this going to be done already?” But, somehow, we managed to make it through the tantrums and the screaming and now our son is getting reacquainted with his playroom… the same as it was before but also a little different.

So far our son really enjoys the new door at the end of his playroom as it is much clearer and brings a lot more light into the room. The carpet is something that he seems to like as the different colors and softer feel are rather interesting at times. The hardwood floors are, by far, the biggest adjustment but he does seem to enjoy running around from room to room with seemingly more confidence than when he was running from one surface to another and back again. But, most of this doesn’t matter as all of his toys and, more importantly, books are back in the room and he can, once again, spend better quality time with mommy and daddy now that the work is done. That being said, the next round of renovations should be interesting.