Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Short Break

Now that a multitude of projects have been wrapped up and most of our usual fellowship attendees spending the month in Paoli at District School, it is time for me to take a brief break and step back for a few days. While there are calls that need to be places, emails that still need to be answered, and bills that need to be paid (at least not for a while at this point) this is the time of year when I am afforded the opportunity for a summer respite from my duties. This is also a season when I am able to look back at what we have already accomplished and begin to look forward to all that is just peeking over the horizon. After all, it won’t be long before elections are held and a new Worshipful Master takes his station.

This is also the time when I am finally able to sit down at my desk and focus on constructing the list of things that need to be accomplished both before the next stated meeting in September as well as the projects and events that are planned toward the end of the year. And, of course, there is a particular need this year to simply take a deep breath and prepare myself for the plethora of plans and projects that will find their way onto my desk in the coming months. As is the nature of the job and the primary reason why you don’t hear about contested elections for this office.

At this point, the remainder of the year looks good. We have some candidates ready to receive degrees, some that still need to be interviewed, and one or two more that are just starting their journey and with whom I hope to soon meet. There are also a couple events that will undoubtedly sneak up on us including the Masonic Picnic in August, Veteran’s Night in November, and the Quarterly Communication in December. They seem like they are a long way off but they really aren’t.

There are also the seemingly never ending membership audit processes, data migration to and revision of the new online portal, and now the additional audit of the old database that needs to be completed. The latter of the three projects resulted from a rather disappointing conversation I had with the past Secretary a couple of weeks ago. However, there are also some great opportunities for the remainder of the year including assisting brethren with award submissions, continuing to develop leadership I the lodge, and seeing some of the planned improvements to the building taking shape. This, of course, is in addition to an excellent schedule of meetings and busy fellowship nights. And maybe some more horseshoes.