Thursday, July 14, 2016


It was an interesting feeling seeing all of the social media posts earlier this week from friends that we made five years ago when my wife and I wove through the throngs of people at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Thankfully, many of those posts are about the wonderful life that they have found in the homeland, a life that just didn’t work out for us. I have written about this at great length in the past so I will spare you the diatribe but what it really comes down to is that it wasn’t meant to be. We didn’t know the reason at the time but in the years since, as G-d’s plan has been revealed to us, it has all made sense. But that doesn’t prevent the memories from flooding back when I see those joyous posts scrolling across my computer screen.

There was so much happen around us and so many plans that needed to be taken care of that the days immediately prior to our departure from the states are all blurred together with only a few quick glimpses of clarity. I recall being interviewed over the phone by a local New Jersey newspaper as I took a break from cleaning the rental while waiting for the landlord to arrive. I can still see my parents’ faces as we made our way through the airport and parted ways at security. And I can remember the palpable emotional eagerness that filled the El Al flight for the entire time that we were in the air.

When we landed, my wife and I remained in our seats not fully knowing how to process all of the emotions ready to erupt from within. A few bags in hand it was time for us to walk through the doors and into the thick Mediterranean air taking each step deliberately until finally our feet touched the ground, the Holy Land, now our home. It was with that last single step that we became Israelis. And when our shuttle arrived at the terminal, we were welcomed I the same way one would embrace a long lost family member with whom you were being reunited.

And in that crowd were a few people that we had gotten to know over the past few months through social media, mostly through twitter hashtags like #twitpacha and #twaliyah. Definitely a sign of the times, I guess you could say that we were part of the first #twaliyah flight. It is a unique experience that we all share… that singular moment in our lives lived as one people. So, I conclude by wishing everyone who was on that flight with us, especially those who remain in the homeland, a happy Aliyah anniversary! Here is to the next five years and I hope to see you all again soon!