Thursday, May 7, 2015

Which One Is The “Old White Men’s Club”?

Here is a screen shot of the potential GOP candidates for 2016
(not all have announced or formed committees).
It is interesting to read the news with the media still labeling the Republican Party as the “old white men’s club” rather than using descriptors that are based on principles. While I will discuss the latter of the two dilemmas later in the post, let’s first take a look at the slander that is still being bandied about. Here is the current list of those who are running for President in 2016 (this includes those who have announced and those who have formed exploratory committees):

Former Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee: White, Male, 62
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: White, Female, 67
US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders: White, Male, 73
Former US Senator from Virginia Jim Webb: White, Male, 69
Summary: 4 candidates; 3 men, 1 woman; all white; average age of 67.75.

Dr. Ben Carson: Black, Male, 63
US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz: Hispanic, Male, 44
Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson: White, Male, 60
Businesswoman Carly Fiorina: White, Female, 60
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee: White, Male, 59
US Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul: White, Male, 52
US Senator from Florida Marco Rubio: Hispanic, Male, 43
Summary: 7 candidates; 6 men, 1 woman; 4 white, 2 Hispanic, 1 black; average age of 54.43.

While there is no denying that politics on both sides are still dominated by men, the other characteristics of the candidates paint a much different picture than those on MSNBC would have you believe. Diversity is nearly nonexistent among the Democrats while nearly half of the Republican candidates are ‘minorities’. Additionally, the average age of the Republican candidates is over 13 years younger than those of their counterparts on the Democratic side. So, tell me again, which one is the “old white men’s club”?

However, let’s step back and look beyond the demographics of the candidates. Would you rather support a party that prides itself on limiting the rights of the people to support and defend themselves or would you rather vote for someone who will maintain the rights of every citizen of this country to be self-sufficient, hardworking, and accountable for their own actions? Would you rather have the government make choices for you or would you prefer to have the freedom to choose what is best for yourself and your family? Would you rather have the power reside in the individual states and the people therein or in a large, centralized, government dictating policies and handing down executive orders?

Consider your responses to those questions carefully. I have had to answer those questions for myself which is why I continue to support the party of the people, the party which continues to fight to preserve my rights, the Republican Party. This is also why, when considering the changes that need to be pursued and the decisions that have to be made moving forward, that I am supporting Rand Paul for President in 2016 (still up in the air as to running mate but I am currently leaning toward Marco Rubio). I have made my decision, who are you going to support?