Friday, February 20, 2015

Firearms Friday: Safe

Having brought my son home just a couple of days ago from the hospital for the first time I am glad that I already have a means to protect my family locked away in the house. What many people (parents in particular) fail to realize is that you are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your family safe. With that said, that safety comes in two parts: safe from those threats that want to harm you and your family and protecting your young (especially new) children from that which they do not yet understand.

The first is quite evident as there is no question that if someone breaks into our home, I will be sure to greet them in manner fitting of their illegal entry. Yes, the police will be called but they cannot instantly appear to fit the situation. Until they arrive, I am the only one between the threat and my family. It really is that simple.

The second is a matter of common sense. If you own a firearm you should keep it locked up whether or not you have kids. Why take the risk when you can have them secured and out of the reach of anyone and everyone that should have access to them. This is especially true when you consider the fact that there are a variety of secure quick access options that you can keep near your bed.

These are just the top two things that came to mind that first day and night at home with the baby. Of course, when he gets older I will make sure that he is familiar with and respects firearms but I will still keep everything locked away. Safety is something that should never be assumed… that is when accidents happen. Rather, safety should be practiced even if you believe that you and everyone in your home (regardless of age) are familiar with and respect firearms.

Just the simple subject of firearms is something that my wife and I have never agreed on 100%. However, she knows that I would never be unsafe and practice the above level of safety in our home. For the most part, from the beginning she has understood that this is my hobby and it is what I enjoy doing. With that said, ever since we found out that we were having a child my wife has come to better understand that safety that this ‘hobby’ provides to both her and our child. She may not be as adamant but she understands my perspective.